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Valiant Online - New Action Packed Rpg

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Tonton Alarcon

Tonton Alarcon
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Have you tried Valiant Online yet? they are having a CBT right now.

basically, it is a side scrolling 3d with cool gameplay with Devil May Cry-like combos icon_biggrin.gif
so if you liked that you should consider taking a look at this game. icon_smile.gif

what's so good about the game is that you are not limited by your class choice. Imagine this. You are a mage, you use sword and shield to slice your enemies, then at the end of your sword combo string, you hit with a launcher~ your enemy hurls, you can then switch to your bow with ease to follow through with the combo. launch arrows at your enemy while he's in the air, just before he falls to the floor, you can dash forward and instantaneously pummel the sucker to death with your heavy magic. how's that for a combo? icon_biggrin.gif

here are the basic features of the game.

1. 3 Race/Classes to choose from.

This is the screen where you can choose from three different classes to be use in-game. The following classes with their respective race are Mage (Valhalla), Warrior (Merdia) and Archer (Dahn). You can see each of the class weapon specialty and attributes on the lower left side of the screen.


2. Wide range of customization for your character.
You can choose gender and costumes; even customize your character’s body type and choose hair, skin and face type on the selection.


3. Dungeon system and Monster Riding”
On Valiant, players will mainly access various dungeons to gain levels, finish quests, hunt items and farm for gold. They will have to finish dungeons where lots of monsters, obstacles and traps are hidden. At the depth of some dungeons boss monster are need to be slain to finish the run. There’s also a feature in-game where you can ride different kind of monsters with unique skills like dragons, wolves, pigs, unicorns and others to help you further on your dungeon adventures.
a. Dungeons


b. Monster Riding


4. No-Class concept for weapons.
This is one of the major features of Valiant; the game enables all classes to use all kinds of weapons. You may see elf punishing mobs by One-handed sword while holding shield on his other hand, warriors using dark magic spells during PVP or mages switching to crossbow for a great aerial combo. This feature will available later in the game when you level high enough and made the “Extend Weapon Slot” option.


5. Combo & Finish Action
This is a very special feature, where players can create unique variations of combo. With the use of no-class weapon concept you can create aerial and huge dps combo varying from swords to bow then finish it with magical skills using wands. Finishing Boss Action are also available every time a command pop-ups on a dying monster.


6. PVP System.
There are different kinds of modes for PVP system on Valiant. You could choose from dueling system, where you can invite a friend or a player for a 1v1 match inside a death match arena. Battlefield system, this is the game’s pvp matching system used for finding specific match, creating varieties of game modes (team battle, single match, etc.), you can also choose your preferred arena for excitement. There is also a special mode “Tournament Mode” where you could participate as a party and take the challenge where all of you will be moved in a terrifying arena where horde of monsters will be summoned. Your task is to slay the entire monster on every level to progress; every level will be much harder for everyone. Test your strength and gain valuable rewards.


and lastly, here's the link where i found this game. http://valiant.nttgame.com/

sorry for the long post. i just want you guys to see how great this game is icon_smile.gif

i hope you guys enjoy this game as much as i do icon_biggrin.gif



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They're having Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

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Love how the resident tough guy is happy to talk trash on an internet forum but back pedals as soon as he is called out. Typical coward. No doubt he'll respond to this with excessive bravado in order to restore his rightful place as a fully fledged internet badass.

I like to make werewolf...


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It seems like they are having it.

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