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My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic

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Yeah you all knew it was coming. 'Fess up, how many?

Fan since May, seen every episode like 6 times, own 100+ euros worth of toys, and I go to local meetups if I don't have anything going on at uni.

I meant none of this to happen. pp_smiley14.gif
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Down at the end, round by the corner,
Close to the edge, just by a river,
Seasons will pass you by

I get up, I get down.
Now that it's all over and done,
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Alright, I'll bite.

I watched it when I was 3 because I had an older sister who loved them.

I've not watched it since then.
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Love the show. Been watching since January. That's about it though, because it's just a TV show.

I feel like things have gotten a little out of hand for some people though.
Pretty sure this pic is more of a satire than anything. Hopefully, that was obvious to everyone.

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