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Season1 Music In Fanfilms: Legalities?

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Does anyone know what the legalities are in using music from the Season1 soundtrack in Fan-films?

Some of the S2 audio has been released, and I think that before they created the S1 soundtrack, you could download some of the music (it's been a long time, I could be wrong about that).

I suspect it might come under "Fair use", but I'm not sure. Doesn't seemed to have cropped up anywhere else in the forums.
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Yes, on the old website you could download some of the songs for free. Although I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure you're allowed to use the music in fanfilms, especially seeing as how they're, well you know, fanfilms.



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They most likely consider it fine so long as you did not sell whatever you're making with the music in it.

If you were selling your fanfilms, you'd probably want to discuss it with them.

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Just do it, no one will care. If someone suddenly starts caring... never tell their lawyer your real name.

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