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An "i Am Legend" Game

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So lately I'd decided to pick up the novel "I am Legend" because, despite what most people think I enjoyed the movie. I see now why people give the film such flak though, compared to the book it is a pretty brown stain- so far anyway. I'm about halfway through the book and the amount of changes they made in the movie actually angers me at this point.

I don't see why they turned it from a story about (basically) a vampiric germ outbreak into a movie that makes no real effort to explain a (basic) zombie outbreak. It would have been nice to see a film about vampires in the modern age that doesn't suck total ass, Will Smith could have even kept the part (although honestly I can never take the guy seriously, Fresh Prince of Bel Air burns into my mind).

Now I've also had another interesting thought while thinking about all of this- what about an I am Legend (novel version mind you) video game. In my opinion, they could make a pretty terrifying experience if they made the I Am Legend novel into a Survival Horror game. They could go about this two ways, the way that every video game company seems to turn these days (Mindless FPS, aim, shoot, blood, splat) or they could make it into a Survival Horror game, where you require things like wooden stakes, garlic and crosses as a form of defense (mind you I said defense, not offence- You aren't going to be hunting down vampires)

The objective could be to simply survive, or find a cure, or find companions. Maybe make an MMO-Survival Horror Game (I've never seen an example of this before, if anyone has I'd like to see it)

During the day you would explore, find resources, check in buildings (the buildings would be just as dangerous as it would be to be exploring at night.)
During the night the city would be plagued by the vampires, your only choice being to clear out a building and hold off the horde for the night with what resources you have. You'd also be able to contain resources in crates/boxes in order to actually keep together safehouses. Your inventory itself would be very limited, maybe to about 9 squares (or something like Dead Rising's inventory system)

There would basically be 2-3 different enemies in the game, the main 2 being living/non-living vampires and the third being infected animals (mostly dogs?)

Without stakes / crosses you're pretty helpless, holding a thing of garlic on you at all times would repel the vampires (maybe at a certain distance, or maybe you use it something like Pokemon's Repel system where they just totally ignore you for a set amount of time)

The actually baricading of doors/buildings could work something like Zombie Panic Source's (if you've played the game you'll know but I'll explain it a bit anyway). Basically, you have planks of wood and there's already premade "barricade slots" (this could be explained as, the humans were trying to hold them off themselves before the infection) where you bascially place in a plank of wood and that door would be almost invincible from the outside (*key word is almost, there'd either be a certain time limit to this plank of wood, or maybe just randomly while enemies are outside the door / attacking the door it breaks with a random number generator)

During the night, you could basically either work on a cure or maybe you require something to make you resistant to the sandstorm germs or w/e (if you read the book you should get that) or you could simply explore the building you've taken over as your own safehouse, looking for food (oh yeah, you'd require food at least twice a day) or possibly things that could be made into weapons (wooden planks into crosses, carve wood into staves, find mallets etc.)

This would basically work out like Minecraft currently works out (stupid comparison but it works for this example) as in during the day, you're safe to do what you want. You go out into the streets, maybe find a car and fill it up with gas. Drive over to the next town/city, or to the mall where you know there's an abundance of resources but also a horde of the undead. But during the night or in the dark, you're screwed. You're in the vampires' realm, and they aren't going to stop until they get what they want- you.

But yeah, it's just something I was thinking would be pretty cool. I always like to share these ideas, incase Valve or someone randomly pops by and is like "shit that's a cool idea" and then in 4 months you see an amazing game being made rather than having to constantly look at my favourite series constantly die or get turned into muck (thanks Capcom + Konami, for killing 2 of the best Survival Horror series ever). I'd like to hear more ideas / additions to something like this, as it's something that I think would be pretty wild if made properly.


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My head hurts too much to read all of this at the moment (damn flu), gave it a skim and had a thought *bing* in my head when you mentioned mincraft (lol) day/night

Not saying this is the be-all-end-all of the idea but what about a quick mod for GTA4 that during the day people are people but during the night people are angry blood splattering brain hungry _______ etc .. kinda like that old GTA3 cheat that made everyone have weapons and come after you, except if you go near them they want to rip your head off and shit down your neck, pull you outta your car 3-4-5-6 of them at a time then take turns trying to rip off your head and shitting down your neck.

Catch my drift?

Now if someone made a game like that, or rather, like your idea cool.gif


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I think things like that are possible for GTAIV on PC, I've never owned it though- bogs down my laptop DX

A mod where there's noone outside during the day and you look for weapons.

During night, the humans spawn with a vampire skin and just go balistic.

It's possible, I'm sure someone could do something like that. Maybe raise the camera a bit, make it feel like Silent Hill controls or something.

*Edit* But again, that wouldn't be anywhere near as complicated as I'd like it. I'd want it so when you (for the sake of example) go into the GTAIV hospital (with no power or lighting for obvious reasons), there's one of the "vampires" hiding behind a counter or something. You go near the counter to look for a working phone, or medical supplies or something and "BAM" motha fucka jumps out at you, you throw him against a wall, pull out your Stake and Drive it into his heart.

Another example, you're exploring the local mall looking for some food, you go into a dark grocery store where the power's been knocked out and look for food that hasn't gone bad yet (this is intended to be 2-3 years after the first infection so it'd have to be some pretty fucked up food)

You head towards the coca cola section, grab a case and start heading for the door. On your way out, fuckin vampires jump out and rape your face OR you use your holy cross and start chanting shit about god. Scare them off, head for the day light. If they at anytime walk into light/daylight they just fucking squeel and die like Gremlins or Moguwai on crack.

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