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Combat Arms

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Lawlzer Gunz

Lawlzer Gunz
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I'm wondering if anyone here plays any Combat Arms.
Combat Arms is a Free FPS, plays similar to Counter Strike.

I hear a lot of complaints about hackers, but it's not hard to find games without them. You'd have to be incredibly lazy not to find one. Lawl.
There are also clans/guilds/whatever you want to call them that you can make.
You get special equipment your clan can buy.

It's interesting with it's rank system alongside the currency.
Be pretty awesome if there was a PP or GA clan on there.

So yeah, discuss.

If need it be I can add in examples of gameplay vids, a link to the site, etc.


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I used to play it a bit, the hackers got quite annoying, the teleporting and dodgy ping was just as bad and the weapons pricing spam on facebook gets old real fast

I'd probably play it again if people I knew started playing



    <3's You Guys

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QUOTE (Lawlzer Gunz @ Mar 3 2011, 12:14 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
plays similar to Counter Strike.

No it doesn't.


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QUOTE (Tree_ @ Mar 3 2011, 02:43 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
No it doesn't.


Also, this reminds me of the yearly gunz thread, there hasn't been one this year, what gives?


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It has pretty nice graphics, but they could've done so much better on the gameplay, it's pretty much a spray and pray icon_sad.gif

I actually prefer GunZ > Combat Arms because at least it's a nice and different concept, climbing walls with swords, amazing icon_rolleyes.gif icon_smile.gif


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  • Interests:Hey guys, I am Ice69 from combat arms, if you guys want a good game with me just add IGN Ice69 don't forget to dig a grave for yourself, haha dont get BOOM headshotted :D
Yes i do! wanna play meh?> fpsdoug_ani.gif

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