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Debate Sections Rules All forum rules will apply here as usual, however I would like to draw attention to and emphasise some existing and new rules/guidelines which you must strictly follow.

1. No casual talk/discussion here. Do that in the main lobby. Light hearted debate goes there too, this section is only for serious debate.

2. Absolutely NO flaming here whatsoever. Zero-tolerance policy on flaming here. No matter how small of a flame or how subtle it is, a flame is a flame and you will get suspended on sight for flaming in this section for as long as an admin or supermod deems necessary, and you may not appeal against this, any suspension is final. If you flame again after being suspended, you will either get a signficantly longer suspension or be permanently banned.

3. NO personal attacks AT ALL. We will again, have a zero-tolerance policy on comments such as "you're dumb" , "don't be stupid", "idiot", etc. We expect you to debate WITHOUT resorting to personal attacks. Debaters are welcome to dispute the validty of an argument or point, but no where do you have the right to attack the person. If you are the recepient of a personal attack, you are not excused from making one back.

We will not hesitate to punish members that break these rules, and we will be very strict about this. Please avoid swearing, it simply is not necessary. Remember there will be no warnings, you will simply be suspended or banned if you break any of these rules.

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